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Дорогие коллеги, партнеры и друзья!

Компания e-Style Telecom с радостью поздравляет вас с наступающим Новым годом!


Мы стали старше еще на год!

Коллеги, партнеры и друзья. 23 сентября - это наш праздник, день рождения компании!


Microsoft Gold Sertified Partner
VMware Service Provider Program
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About company

e-Style ISP provides a complete set of Internet services for enterprises and individuals, including various types of web access, including dial-up, high-speed ISDN (optical and wire cables with speeds from 64Kbit to 1Gbit), and wireless access, as well as IP telephony. e-Style ISP also offers web hosting and co-location, as well as domain name registration and DNS. It supports all available industry standard platforms, such as Sun Solaris, FreeBSD, Linux, and MS Windows.

Увеличить фотографию For corporate clients, e-Style ISP provides a series of security measures, such as back-up, protection against viruses and network attacks, implementation and support of secure connections between the company divisions over the Internet.

For web design agencies, e-Style ISP offers a variety of discounts and special prices, especially for web services, dial-up, co-location. It also provides them with advanced support services for building and maintaining the web sites.

e-Style ISP also provides subscription to a broad range of web-based applications, including data searching and processing, electronic messaging, web advertising, web resource usage statistics, resource monitoring, and user account management. For customers with specific needs, e-Style ISP offers development and maintenance of custom web application platforms (both hardware and software).

e-Style ISP partners with leading hardware and communications providers, including APC, Startelekom, Golden Telekom, Macomnet, Sonera Telia, and Combellga. Its customers include Rostar, Avaya, Xerox, Reuters, RSI, APC, General Electric Medicine.

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